What, me married?

2004-07-13 19:12 - Opinion

I have, shall we say, a unique personality type, and perspective on the world. I disagree with just about anything that is held as a common opinion. But that has all changed.

I have read that Of the unmarried men who were surveyed, 53 percent said they were not interested in getting married anytime soon. This is surprising because I am not interested in getting married anytime soon, which makes me part of the majority. Unfortunately I had more point to make here, but that linked article isn't the one I originally read, and it's distracted me a bit.

Nonetheless, marriage is a scary thing these days. The divorce rate is 50% today. That's a big number. I'd like to hope that I could choose a wife that I would stay with (and vice versa) but I'd also think that maybe more than half of the people out there could do the same. I think it's ultimately a shift in society, fidelity is nothing big, and neither is divorce. It seems to be the norm to solve relationship issues by divorce, rather than by something crazy like listening to your spouse and solving the problems.

To compound matters, there's the issue of children and money. Virtually all marriages will involve children and money. Both make divorce truly messy, a thing I don't want to experience. As horrible as it would feel to lose a wife, a custody battle and financial trouble could be too much. Worse again, US courts strongly favor the mother in these cases.

So, ladies, prove me wrong and show me how great it would be to be married to you!


Mahwage... Mahwage is what bwings us togethah.. today
2004-07-21 15:01 - tegs
I know you are just corrupt and therefore undesireable ;)

Of course, you didn't define the difference of those men who just don't want to get married (i.e. don't want close relationships) from those who do everything a married man does but just won't committ.

Hey, this might be a good topic on my blog =P
It can't be beat
2004-07-22 15:34 - Lieuallen
As Tony's divorced Dad, I can certainly understand his point. I'm not proud of my divorce, and worked hard to prevent it. But in the end, I think it was the best thing for both of us.

However, I can whole-heartedly attest to the fact that when marriage works, it's the best thing in the world. With no offense to those who choose an "alternative" lifestyle, I think the interactions (physical and mental) between a man and a woman border on the magical -- bringing reality to the "sum greater than the parts" saying.

The bigger the risk, the bigger the rewards. And you can reduce the risk and increase the rewards by REALLY getting to know the person while you're "courting".

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